Something sweet? Good to eat? But of course! You might even ask yourself, how it is that such simply sweet treats can manage to be so delectable?
(dol-chetti:on:de:hyl) n. giving pleasure especially to the taste, out of the ordinary, artisan, hand-made, deltectable, scrumptious, pure, in-genius, out of this world, just indulge! Original, made with integrity, natural ingredients, creative, wholesome, fatti in casa, simply fresh, exceptional, satisfying, high-quality, decadent treat, pick-me-up!, Superior, enjoyable, Coffee, tea or me…with a cookie!: Dolcetti! unique, dolcini, extraordinary, Sempre buoni, Simple special, con café!, delicious, taste without the guilt!, Your…... little secret, Fine Art-of-making-cookies, La piccola casa dei dolcetti, Only the best…Cookies on the Hill!