Something sweet? Good to eat? But of course! You might even ask yourself, how it is that such simply sweet treats can manage to be so delectable?
Our Cookies

Approx. size- 1" in diameter
Approx. 35 pcs/ 1 kg

Roman Treasures

A new and improved twist on the cupcake. This small cookie is filled with pure plum butter, sweet cocoa, finely ground, roasted almonds and has a hint of fresh lemon zest hidden inside a perfect vanilla pastry.


Approx. size- 1" in diameter
Approx. 140 pcs /1 kg

Tuscan Treats

These delicious, tiny "choconut" sparkle cookies are filled with the perfect combination of almond and chocolate flavors, topped with a sparkling sugar. Gluten free!


Approx. size- 1 ½" x ¾" wide
Approx. 190pcs/1 kg

Capri Gifts

Delectable, candy-shaped, perfectly flaky pastry filled with a zesty meringue containing a roasted almond and walnut mixture.


Approx. size- 1 ¼" x ½" wide
Approx. 165pcs/1kg

Venetian Dreams

This beautiful, crunchy almond cookie has a hint of aromatic cinnamon and pure vanilla that is topped with a zesty, light meringue. Gluten free!


Approx. size- ¾" in diameter
Approx. 1000pcs/1 kg

Napolitan Charms

These tiny, almond cookies are enhanced with the addition of a roasted coffee bean, sweet candied orange or lemon peel and infused with a fragrant vanilla extract. Gluten free!


Approx. size- 1" in diameter
Approx. 160pcs/ 1 kg

Milano Hugs

Our perfect creation of an almond, nougat shortbread and chocolate, ganache sandwich cookie, dusted with snow white, natural, vanilla icing sugar.


Approx. size- 1" x 1"
Approx. 120pcs/1 kg

Bellagio Surprises

A delightful mixture of perfectly roasted pecans in a creamy ganache sit on a perfectly baked, buttery shortbread base. This tiny, chewy morsel is finished with a glossy chocolate drizzle which adds to the rich flavor of this cookie.


Approx. size- 1 ¼" in diameter
Approx. 200pcs/1kg

San Remo Stars

Delicate, crunchy, almond, lacey cookies, with a pure vanilla extract and a hint of orange zest, drizzled with a fine chocolate sauce. Our little stars!


Approx. size- 1 ½" x 1" wide
Approx. 130 pcs/1kg

Verona Kisses

Light, delicious marzipan-like filling, infused with pure vanilla extract and fresh lemon juice, coated simply with almond slices and dusted with icing sugar. Our own pretty crescent-shaped cookies that are truly amazing. Gluten free!


Approx size- 1 ¼" x ¼" wide
Approx. 55pcs/1kg

Varese Gems

A textured, light, two- sided wafer keeps this luscious chocolate, hazelnut and almond mixture in perfect shape and balance. Definitely a smooth, extremely rich and delectable treat for all the chocolate lovers!


Approx. size - 2" x 1" wide
Approx. 200pcs/1kg

Siena Sweets

Not just another "Biscotti"! Ours are tiny and thinly cut, so you never have to feel guilty about having more than one. Perfectly double-baked, with just the right amount of delicious ingredients. Choose from our traditional mixed nut, or white chocolate and cranberry varieties. Hard to decide? Take both!


Approx. ¼" in thick
Sold by weight: 150g @ $3.00

Murano Jewels

Sweet, rich and golden-amber in color, with loads of roasted almond slivers, our brittle is a simple but delicious way to add something special to all of your upcoming occasions. We suggest beautifully wrapping a piece and tying it decoratively to a fine bottle of wine. Add a few pieces to other sweets on your tray, or just break off a portion and enjoy on its own. Gluten free!


Approx. size- 1 ¼' in diameter
Approx. 90pcs/1 kg

Pisa Royale

Perfectly roasted pistachios sit atop a crunchy, chocolaty pizza slice-shaped crust, with a generous dollop of smooth, chocolate- orange ganache. Pizza for dessert? This one, definitely, "YES!"


Approx. size- 1 ¼" in diameter
Approx. 260pcs/1 kg -depending on shape chosen

Belle Stelle

Whether for you or Santa, these pure butter, star-shaped shortbread cookies are filled with a rich, homemade flavor that is hard to resist. A sprinkle of sugar sparkle makes these holiday treats an event.
** Other shapes available upon request


Approx. size- 1" in diameter
Approx. 150pcs /1kg-depending on shape chosen

Florentine Hearts

Heart-shaped for Valentine's Day, or reminiscent of flowers for Mother's Day, these sweet, buttery, pastry cookies are sandwiched and filled with pure raspberry or apricot filling. Superbly delicious!


Approx. size- 1 ½" x ¾" wide
Approx. 100pcs /1 kg

Portofino Wishes

Delectable, small, croissant-shaped cookies coated with crunchy walnuts, and ground cinnamon filled with a light layer of pure apricot jam.


Approx. size ½" in diameter
Approx. 370pcs/ 1kg


Positano Delights

These tiny snowballs are made using the finest shredded, semi-sweet coconut and are infused with almond and lemon flavors. The crunchy outside layer conceals a soft and chewy center.

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Assorted Selection

Choose from "Our Cookies" and create your own beautiful assortment of our unique, handmade, artisan cookies. These bite-size morsels, filled with a burst of delectable flavor are sure to put a smile on everyone's face! Go ahead, take another.... Only the best! Sweets from Dolcetti on the Hill.

*Cookie photos may not be true to size
**All cookies sold by weight
***Prices upon request



Assorted Cookies

Price list for assorted cookies:

500 g - $30.00

600 g - $35.00

750 g - $40.00

1 kg - $50.00

1.2 kg - $55.00

1.3 kg - $60.00

1.5 kg - $80.00

2 kg - $100.00