Something sweet? Good to eat? But of course! You might even ask yourself, how it is that such simply sweet treats can manage to be so delectable?
Our Story

At "Dolcetti on the Hill" we are creating tasty sweets that are part of a greater Italian "cookie-making" tradition. All of the ingredients are natural, pure, and carefully selected. In fact, all these basic country ingredients are a testament to the traditional recipes passed down from one generation to another, and recall baking skills as far back as the ancient Romans. Though our technique may be a little different, the ingredients in our cookies remain true to those of the past. It is our desire to work within this artisan tradition, while at the same time adding our own imagination and personal touches to make our creations unique. From the very first bite of our freshly baked cookies you will enjoy their incredible textures, various flavours and pleasant aromas. They may even evoke a favourite childhood memory of a cookie from your past. We are confident that after tasting our delicious confections they will undoubtedly put a smile on your face! So go ahead, take another one! Enjoy!